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Steve Aoki - Neon Future I

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Informations sur l’album

Artiste: Steve Aoki

Album: Neon Future I

Débit: 320 KBPS

Date de sortie: Septembre 30, 2014

Genre: Electronic


01. Transcendence (Feat. Ray Kurzweil) [Intro]
02. Neon Future (Feat. Luke Steele
03. Back To Earth (Feat. Fall Out Boy)
04. Born To Get Wild (Feat. will.i.am)
05. Rage the Night Away (Feat. Waka Flocka Flame)
06. Delirious (Boneless) (Feat. Kid Ink)
07. Free the Madness (Feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
08. Afroki (Feat. Bonnie McKee)
09. Get Me Outta Here (Feat. Flux Pavilion)
10. Beyond Boundaries (Feat. Aubrey de Grey) [Outro]

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